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  1. It's too bad Micker doesn't have one more option year. Even for a rebuilding club, I think expecting him to stick in the majors starting next April seems like a huge stretch.
  2. Good call. He *technically* would now, because he's at 100 IP (this is the Sox 99th game) however he didn't when the game began.
  3. Kopech for 2 & Hendriks for 1 should be the plan if this game is close all the way through.
  4. I'm not sure if Lynn gets that call if it isn't Seby behind the plate.
  5. I don't think he struggles vs velocity, but he does hit significantly more ground balls vs RHP than LHP. 54% gb rate vs RHP, 40% vs LHP on the season.
  6. The Brewers have made so many good transactions over the last few years and focusing on one of their worst to praise them is uhmm, quite bizarre
  7. Abreu really struggles to lift the ball vs quality RHP
  8. I love Liam Hendriks but I don't think there's ever been an in-game interview that ever added to a broadcast.
  9. The field mics on Sunday night baseball are awesome. I like a lot of the cameras, too. The broadcast itself, however...
  10. How do you keep Lynn's bat in the lineup once everyone is healthy?
  11. Of course Seby and Lance Lynn would be the RBI guys tonight
  12. At least the offense is finally showing some signs of life this inning.
  13. Looks like the Brewers are going to be no hit then too
  14. Seems like the returns for Cruz and Adam Frazier weren't drastically different, which is a big surprise to me.
  15. You can see the improvement happening with Vaughn on a nightly basis. At least that's been one silver lining in this series so far.
  16. Vaughn continues to make LOOOOOOOOUD contact against RHP. Every ball he's hitting right now is scorched.
  17. I'd say that was an encouraging outing for Lopez, all things considered.
  18. Which is exactly why it's more important to focus on getting the #1 seed than whether Cleveland can pull off a 100/1 shot and actually chase down the Sox.
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