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  1. Exactly like what happened with Moncada, Lynn, & Grandal last year. They never learn.
  2. Burger DHing for Charlotte tonight.
  3. Let him string together a good couple of months in Charlotte. I'd like for them to do the same with Sosa. Those guys are too important for the long-term to force the issue with if they aren't ready.
  4. His stuff is awesome and he's striking out 33% of guys. That'll play pretty much anywhere. It does seem like the pitch clock is in his head, but I also think he's pitching into very tough luck right now. Every mistake is punished in a way that isn't sustainable.
  5. I still think he'll be awesome in the 2nd half pitching out of a contenders bullpen. But now isn't the time to defend him.
  6. 3rd worst record in baseball. On-pace to finish 54-108 https://www.tankathon.com/mlb
  7. I'm rooting for losses but I know most people on here don't want to hear it.
  8. With a good manager this team might only lose 105 games
  9. This team is on pace to lose 108 games
  10. The amount of replacement level (or worse) talent in the lineup right now is staggering.
  11. His peripherals are outrageously good. Hadn't realized that until today.
  12. They'll be able to get something useful for Kelly if he can keep pitching like this for the next ~6 weeks.
  13. Robert has been outrageously good in May. Leading baseball in fWAR, OBP over .500, hitting for tons of power, etc.
  14. Lights out from the bullpen tonight
  15. The Royals are gonna do everything possible to make sure they get a bottom 3 record
  16. That'd mean the Sox are buying which I don't even think this front office is dumb enough to do
  17. The Royals keeping Lyles in the game here is some next level tanking
  18. That was nasty also might be a hot gun in KC?
  19. Joe Kelly turning into a functional reliever just in time to trade him?
  20. I still think there's a high ceiling for him as a hitter. His combination of hit tool, power, & plate discipline is very impressive.
  21. AV showing pull power is the good stuff
  22. Benentendi takes such lifeless ABs
  23. I'm going to miss watching Lucas pitch on the Sox
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