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  1. This likely has nothing to do with a Frazier trade, but you never know.
  2. Smooth double play from Abreu and TA right there.
  3. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/...975772083380226 Trump's old tweets are an absolute gold mine.
  4. QUOTE (hi8is @ Jul 18, 2017 -> 12:15 AM) Ugly scoreboard watching night. Every team in the bottom 7 has a streak of at least L1. Bad teams are bad.
  5. Disappointed to open this thread and find the Sox haven't traded their entire bullpen for Robles or Kyle Tucker.
  6. QUOTE (bmags @ Jul 17, 2017 -> 07:59 PM) I did and still do, but Moran and Lee just came out against it. I think they can be won back since they did not list demands, but I don't know. It was a pretty hefty statement. It seems noteworthy to me the driving force behind killing this version of the bill was far right conservatives rather than "moderates" from medicaid expansion states. Other than Collins, every senator opposing right now appears very getable to me.
  7. If the 3rd option is your choice, go with your favorite between Guerrero or Stephens. I'm curious to hear everyone's opinion on this.
  8. QUOTE (Balta1701 @ Jul 17, 2017 -> 12:48 PM) I still believe they will get it done. It's either going to pass by 1 vote or fail by ~10. I think the former is significantly more likely, however. https://twitter.com/urbaninstitute/status/885988480240766981
  9. It's nice to see one of the Charlotte starters actually living up to expectations.
  10. Swarzak, Kahnle, and Robertson pitching well only for Beck to give up a HR is the perfect tank win if that's your thing.
  11. QUOTE (fathom @ Jul 15, 2017 -> 07:56 PM) Giolito looked better than earlier in the year but command was way off tonight. Still didn't see many, if any, swings and misses on his fastball. Charlotte defense is still pretty terrible I don't want to be overly negative, but it boggles my mind people can look at him and still see one of the best prospects in baseball. Law had him (I believe) at 15 and that seems impossible to justify. Skoug went 3-5 and is hitting a cool .529.
  12. GOP are forced to postpone vote to take away health care from 22 million people so John McCain can recover from major surgery. http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/s...ove-eye-n783396
  13. QUOTE (JoshPR @ Jul 15, 2017 -> 07:54 PM) Why does renteria pull pelfrey so early for? Letting Pelfrey face lineups a 3rd time through the order would be a disaster.
  14. QUOTE (Dick Allen @ Jul 15, 2017 -> 05:48 PM) Doesn't look like anything is imminent. Frazier is signing autographs. Frazier spends more time signing autographs & interacting with fans before games than any player I've ever seen. He seems like a genuinely good dude.
  15. QUOTE (witesoxfan @ Jul 15, 2017 -> 01:58 PM) His control is terrible, but that'd be a great piece for the Sox to look into acquiring. As the final piece in the deal he'd be very intriguing. Maybe there's a ~10% chance he becomes Matt Thornton.
  16. 4.5 games behind SF for #2. 0.5 games behind SD for #3. Let the scoreboard watching begin.
  17. QUOTE (greg775 @ Jul 14, 2017 -> 10:54 PM) That's a pretty good line IMO. Sox have had some bad luck with alleged sluggers like Frazier and Dunn. Frazier has been a lot better on the Sox than people give him credit for.
  18. Seems like most people would be surprised to know Frazier has a (slightly) better than average strikeout rate.
  19. Engel definitely looks the part as a + defender in CF.
  20. QUOTE (Heads22 @ Jul 14, 2017 -> 07:16 PM) not so much Complete game shutout is still very much in play, however.
  21. QUOTE (flavum @ Jul 14, 2017 -> 07:13 PM) Agreed. My reaction to the 9 of the top 68 prospects was, "yeah, but one of them is Fulmer, and it's just not true". He's not a lost cause, but he's never going to be a starter when the Sox are good. I had the same reaction but then it occurred to me Hansen and/or Dunning have played themselves into top 100 consideration, so it's sort of a wash. Fulmer really is a bummer right now, though.
  22. QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Jul 14, 2017 -> 06:16 PM) But aren't we using one this year? I would have thought he'd only have one option yet after this year. Yeah, this is definitely an option year. I think I was wrong and he's down to 1 after this season. My mistake if so.
  23. QUOTE (Chicago White Sox @ Jul 14, 2017 -> 05:04 PM) How many options does Fulmer have left? It really was stupid calling him up last year and starting the clock when he clearly wasn't ready. There is nothing that can be done about that now. He'll have 2 option years left after this one.
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