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  1. Pache can go get 'em out there in CF. Unlucky AV.
  2. Why is AV inside outing a fastball in on his hands like that? Just pull it down the line, man.
  3. I'm no scout by any means, but I've been to a handful of games over the last few weeks and watching him run down the 1st base line in person is rough. It's obvious he's not close to 100%
  4. You know he's sick to his stomach seeing guys pulling it in the air like this
  5. Yoan is still capable of hitting for power if he's doing it to the pull side
  6. Andrus is the only hitter on the team whose swing actually looks like it's geared towards hitting for power. Good things happen when you pull the ball in the air 🙂
  7. Pollock has a .571 OPS against righties. Do we really not think Payton could do better than that?
  8. Caufield's post caused me to do a little bit of digging on how far back the Sox ineptitude at 2nd base goes. They haven't had a 2nd baseman reach 4 fWAR in a season since Nellie Fox in 1960 lol.
  9. There was a lot of "and people wanted to sign *him*????" after Semien got off to such a slow start, but the difference between him and Harrison could easily be the difference in the division.
  10. 3-4 with a HR & 2B for Mark Payton. It won't happen unless there are ~4 injuries in front of him, but I wish he'd be given a shot if Colas getting called up isn't in the cards. 2 scoreless with 3 K's so far for Kelley.
  11. He has still been an objectively very good hitter this season. I have no idea how anything I said was worth laughing about, but to each their own.
  12. That'll happen when you overextend a lifelong 1st basemen by trying to turn him into an outfielder. It's obvious his body can't handle ~6 months of playing the outfield, but expecting him to do so after not playing OF in HS, college, or the minor leagues reflects poorly on the White Sox, not him.
  13. It's not Vaughn's fault that he gives back most of the value from a ~130 wRC+ by having to play the outfield most days. He's given the Sox everything they realistically could have hoped for from him this season.
  14. I think we're going to find out after the season Grandal is having surgery on like 7 different parts of his body. I haven't given up on him for next year, but for right now, it's obvious he just isn't physically capable of doing more than drawing walks and hitting singles.
  15. Good things happen when you pull the ball in the air. Hopefully the next Sox GM and hitting coach realizes that.
  16. I've suggested this and people make jokes about him being another expensive reliever. But I think at least exploring it would be a no brainer.
  17. and this ballgame is ovaaaaa Cueto deserved better. again.
  18. I agree with you but it's insane he went up there not expecting to get spammed with sliders.
  19. It's fitting the Sox also get the worst outcomes in baseball on fastballs right down the middle, too. Just really emphasizes how broken their approach is in every way possible.
  20. Pollock vs LHP: 176 wRC+ .984 OPS Pollock vs RHP: 65 wRC+ .578 OPS Continue putting players in position to fail, and these are the outcomes you deserve to get
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