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  1. Some nasty sliders from Lambert there. That pitch has really turned into such a weapon for him in the pen.
  2. I'm fine with managing it a bit differently when they're down by a run. Particularly with Munoz and Seawald looming. Normally I'm the person to say manage proactively though.
  3. Once they're behind, I think they're willing to let Cueto go until the wheels fall off. Which is fine with me.
  4. 80 PA's (going back to August 1st) isn't totally insignificant, I'm really just looking for any signs of life with him.
  5. Sad that Andrus is one of the guys I want to see up when the Sox need a HR.
  6. Grandal has been serviceable offensively for the last month, at least.
  7. I know it was a different situation, but they didn't play service time games with Vaughn or Crochet. If/when they determine Colas is ready, I think he'll be here.
  8. Also playing service time games with someone who will turn 25 next season feels ridiculous to me.
  9. Brash, Munoz, & Seawald is as nasty as it gets. The Sox are gonna earn it if they comeback and win tonight.
  10. Colas or Payton platooning with Pollock is so obvious, but because it's the White Sox, they refuse to do anything on the margins to make their team better
  11. He's fine as a platoon option at 1B/DH, depth guy, etc. But him being the main LH run producer is unacceptable. Even Jake Lamb has hit better than him this year against RHP.
  12. Those are the situations Sheets has to come through to live with him playing regularly in RF
  13. Even the hitters who should know better refuse to take a walk when it's presented to them.
  14. He's only *arguably* the most important player in the franchise. What could possibly go wrong? 🙂
  15. Zero doubt in my mind he's better than this version of Robert or Pollock against righties.
  16. How on earth do you miss a 12 hopper like that???
  17. They make it so easy on ~90% of right handed pitchers
  18. Keep pretending Pollock is a viable option against RHP, and maybe by game ~140 it'll be true.
  19. Swing at garbage and then hit everything straight into the ground. The White Sox way
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