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  1. Perhaps they'll fall ass backwards into another Quintana trade, but it feels (and felt in the moment) like a huge mistake not dealing Cease at the deadline
  2. Bryan Reynolds just doubled off the wall. Keuchel's fortunate it wasn't a HR. So much for that. Still pretty remarkable to see him having any success at the big league level in 2023
  3. Keuchel is currently perfect through 6 against the Pirates
  4. It's also not a coincidence this stuff keeps happening with the Dodgers. Surely there's nothing the White Sox can learn from the way they operate. 🙂
  5. Betting on pitchers with elite strikeout rates and acceptable walk rates is always going to be a winning strategy in the long-term. The quality of contact Lynn allowed has been brutal, but there's a ton of variance in that. It's frustrating when every other start he was getting bombed, but nothing in his underlying metrics suggested he was completely washed.
  6. Lance Lynn with the Dodgers: 25 IP 25 K 5 BB 1.44 ERA 3.94 FIP
  7. The Sox have been botching that exact type of play behind Bummer for years
  8. 7 IP 1 ER 12 K 0 BB ERA down to 3.10 on the year
  9. I know he's still a rookie, etc but I see nothing in his profile to suggest he'll be a good big leaguer
  10. Reasonable people were acting like I was crazy for suggesting he should have opened the year in a platoon or Charlotte 🙂
  11. People put way too much stock in Colas numbers vs lefties in the minors last year
  12. Watching a good team with a smart front office seems like a lot of fun to me
  13. I would be shocked if this was Katz' call but of course there's no transparency in this org so 🙂
  14. From the deepest bullpen in baseball to every day Bryan Shaw in less than 2 years what a fall its been
  15. Maybe Pedro is playing 4D chess and he wants to help the Sox get the #1 pick
  16. Scholtens deserved better. He pitched great
  17. Not quite Luis Robert out there huh
  18. How many times did he do this with Lynn? 5?
  19. Every time there's a halfway decent start Pedro gets way too greedy with it
  20. I know the bullpen is abysmal but it doesn't seem fair to Scholtens leaving him in here
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