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  1. They probably had to create a title and promote him to get him here. So I’m looking at it as if they 3 hitting coaches
  2. I was board on Thanksgiving and I did a deep dive on Andrew Benintendi. And I really want the Sox to sign him, I may actually like him better than Nimmo for the Sox because he has more of a track record when it comes to staying healthy. Nimmo has 7 years as a pro and he’s only played 100 games in the league 3 times. I’m counting 2020 where he played 55 games out of 60. That’s 91% of the season and that comes out to 149 games in a 162 game season. Whereas Benintendi has played over 100 games in 5 out of his 7 seasons. So he’s a more reliable player. Like Nimmo, he addresses a lot of the Sox issues. He gets on base, he has a reputation of being a solid defender and he’s left handed. I wouldn’t be mad if the Sox were aggressive and tried to sign him before the Winter Meetings.
  3. I agree but I wouldn’t be mad if they signed Clevinger, especially on a one year prove it deal. Plus, I’m of the mind that the Sox need to sign TWO starters. That second starter could be a lefty, a 4/5/6 starter type. Guys like Quintana, Yarbrough, Smyly, Boyd.
  4. I think they created the title for Tosar so they would be able to get him out of KC. I imagine that Tosar would oversee the hitting coach(es).
  5. I guess the Sox should stop signing LH sluggers just because Dunn and LaRoche didn’t work out too
  6. Sometimes you gotta sign a bad deal to get great players on your team
  7. Just spend the additional $5M-$7M annually and sign Nimmo.
  8. He must’ve really fucking hated playing for the Sox
  9. I’m hoping all this talk about controlling the strikeout means that we’ll see a higher BB% and better plate discipline going forward. In 2022, the Sox were dead last in walk rate with 6.3%. The Royals had a walk rate of 7.7% and they ranked 20th. A walk rate of 8% is considered average. I’m hoping we see a purge of the weak contact guys. Players like Harrison, Leury, and Engel.
  10. I agree partially, it’s bad business to draft a 1B/DH type with a top 3 pick. I really wanted the Sox to draft CJ Abrams with that pick
  11. I hope the Sox look beyond KC for the remaining assistant coaches vacancies.
  12. 1B coaches usually have another responsibility. Boston is the outfield and base running instructor iirc. He has to go
  13. He's tied to this manager. If Grifol doesn't work out, Hahn needs to be shown the door.
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