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  1. Why stop there? We can keep playing this game Imagine if the Nats didn't swoop in at the last with $100k for Soto. In 2016 Imagine if the front office didn't trade for Shields Imagine if the front office guaranteed the money to Machado. And one more for you, Imagine if KW didn't draft Mitchell from LSU and took Mike Trout instead. Imagine that lineup? Moncada would be the 2nd baseman.
  2. The Sox AAA teams have always been far away. Vancouver, Nashville, and Charlotte. Some teams are like that. Not every team has a close AAA affiliate. I too live in northern Indiana and would love the AAA Sox to be in indy. But I don't believe anyone's lease is up.
  3. The 7th inning. The way this game is going
  4. Should you redo your first 10 round grades?
  5. What time does the draft start tonight? Still not used to the draft being at the all-star break.
  6. Very good interview w/Jim Callis! I think for sure we will have 2 if not 3 top 100 prospects in this system. Really enjoyed the podcast.
  7. Yeah when Rutherford is really your lone offensive highlight it's a long night.
  8. I would imagine he would sign as part of next year's class. Most teams are tapped out with this year's class. Our Sox have some money left but probably not enough. Honestly, not sure where the Sox interest is with him.
  9. Hey DirtySox thanks for all the updates!
  10. Well I guess I'm not the only one struggling with the sign in.
  11. And first 4-1 start since 2005! We know what happened that year!
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