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  1. I read this thread and felt shitty about the trade with how bearish y'all were on Moore, then went to reddit and saw everyone praising us and bears fans actually loving it. I'm pretty stoked right now.
  2. Best part of the interview with Chuck was Chuck's exasperated "I TRIED!" near the end. LMFAO
  3. I've been here for awhile and the players kind of ruined that feeling last year for me. Kinda lost when you hate the ownership, front office, AND the players. Normally I'm all about the players because they are trying their best but last year I did not see effort worth rooting for.
  4. Another feather in this turd of an org. This is your 2nd biggest signing of the offseason? It has been a nightmare following this team ever since Plan "A" (signing Machado and Wheeler) failed. It's like they had no backup plan at all and now are grasping at straws and regressing back into their old pre-rebuild habits when it comes to team building. Cant wait for the knee jerk trading of our best prospects who turn into good players for guys who were good but then suck with us.
  5. Yeah but this can inherently create a higher possibility of an offensive black hole. Some sort of competent option should have been brought in, that way if the rookie significantly outplayed them then your decision is made. Now were hoping for competence from rookies and Leury.
  6. I agree with the sentiment around here that if this is going to happen it will happen sooner than later. I actually think FO is playing this correctly and trying to get Cohen to overpay in prospects because Cohen overlays for everything else and generally gets what he wants. Eppler may be running the show right now and trying to do a "fair" trade but I think the Sox want and need Cohen to step in and overrule Eppler and pay what it takes to get a player like Liam. If that's even a possibility, I dont see a way where it all of a sudden happens in Jan or Feb. The package starts with their catching prospect or no deal, IMO. That is our #1 area of need and if they want one of the games best relievers, he is the piece that makes the most sense. They can always sign their next catcher in FA anyway.
  7. If hes in Australia would you fly there and drive him to the airport? I 😂
  8. Couple of thoughts. If TAs been burning bridges with the Sox it's likely both parties fault. TA being immature and the Sox just being an ass organization. I'm not convinced the FO would get this trade right or that they wouldn't have this player burning bridges in a few years or just completely check out a la AJ Pollock. Or just one pretty good player and a bunch of fringe guys who may be good but wont be under this orgs leadership. I'd rather have an impactful controversial player like TA or Correa for that matter than not. This org needs to be the smartest in the MLB to succeed if they have a paper billionaire owner. They are one of the least smart teams in the MLB and regularly lose impact talent that Hahn is always looking for. Impact talent costs money so fucking get lost because real billionaires who treat this like a hobby play this game now and theres no room for JRs anymore. Take your profit and f*** off already. I'm not big on billionaires existing... such as it is they do. But if I was one I'd sure as f*** love owning an MLB team, signing good players, making a bunch of people happy and maybe winning a championship. Everyone here deserves way better than this and I frankly dont blame anyone for being interested in other teams because this is the most pukeworthy org i have seen.
  9. Another feather in this franchise's hat, Not just the clubhouse but the franchise is toxic. Its run by a cheap owner who cant afford nice things, and a front office which at this point is beyond accountability. Is anyone held accountable for hiring TLR who was never held accountable? TLR would hav e been back next year if his health wasnt failing. It's no wonder our franchise players either cant wait to leave now or are being shown the door. TA being traded is holding him accountable for his actions, wearing out his welcome, but it seems this only applies to players? f*** this garbage ass franchise. Easily nothing more vomit inducing than this group of people.
  10. Brine it or buy a pre-brined bird. Spatchcocked it, threw it on a bed of broth and pearl onions, carrots, potatoes, celery, etc, oven 450 for 1 hour, 350 the rest of the way home. Definitely yields a nice moist bird most of the time, and the familys always go crazy about it because they've only ever had shitty turkey in their life.
  11. The lack of a serious pursuit of him is definitely a defining moment of the rebuild. Just terrible.
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