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  1. Brine it or buy a pre-brined bird. Spatchcocked it, threw it on a bed of broth and pearl onions, carrots, potatoes, celery, etc, oven 450 for 1 hour, 350 the rest of the way home. Definitely yields a nice moist bird most of the time, and the familys always go crazy about it because they've only ever had shitty turkey in their life.
  2. The lack of a serious pursuit of him is definitely a defining moment of the rebuild. Just terrible.
  3. Smart ass. My point is that several generational players have been available during this window and the Sox have not gotten any of them and it's not only because they are cheap, it is also because they failed to do what the Padres did and continue building a top 10 farm so that they would have the ammo for a Soto in the first place. It's obvious this organization would not have been able to land Soto. You may want to check the multiverse again because there's probably at least one universe where JR doesn't own the Sox and they develop a strong minor league system with the ammo to land a guy like Soto. There's also a few where we actually sign him from the beginning since we were pretty heavily linked to him. Fucking dumbass game we're playing here.
  4. The opportunity to take this team to the next level passed it by and I think it's possibly too late. Ohtani Machado Harper Wheeler Betts Turner Scherzer Soto All available in the past years and none ended up on the Sox. Getting one of the actual big fish was billed as part of the plan if I recall correctly. And they did not and basically gave up on any of them when they lost Machado and Wheeler.
  5. Cleveland is a bad team with ok pitching that got kind of hot at the end here and beat up two total loser teams (Sox and Twins) to inflate their record. They will not make it out of the first round. I still respect what Francona has done and believe he would have gotten more out of this Sox roster if he were their manager, but this is more about how bad the Sox and Twins really are than how good the Guardians are.
  6. He took all of the blame for the game and wouldn't point to anything specific when asked. He basically said he sucked and needs to be better and he let his team down.
  7. This Cairo interview is fascinating.
  8. Lol at the guy with a built for October sox shirt. No chance in hell. That shirt belongs in a dump.
  9. Used to say I'm still a Sox fan even though I hate ownership because I like the players. Theres a few good ones as always but holy s%*# this group is largely unlikable.
  10. Yes let's walk bad hitters. I love Pito but feel hes just delaying the inevitable.
  11. Why is the ghost runner still a thing?
  12. And hes not even contributing by trying to take pitches. He should not be swinging first pitch. Wtf?
  13. This is bullshit. I hate this team.
  14. No adjustment from the offense at all here which is pathetic. Ump has a terrible zone for pitchers and our guys are still swinging at everything. A microcosm of how pathetic the offense has been this year.
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