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  1. This team is Kim Kardashian, just ass.
  2. I didn't get the football pulled back. I not disappointed like many fans right now.
  3. Andrus sucks but he MLB sucks. Romy and Sosa aren't even at MLB suck level. I have faith in both, but things are too tight right now to have non MLB ready guys playing everyday. Especially when we are forced to play Yaz and Harrison.
  4. The problem is we can't drive the ball. This team could win the division but this isn't a WS caliber team. It's sad because it seems like the team just broke overnight.
  5. Grandal is running from security for stealing money.
  6. The only pitch you can't hit is the one you don't swing at.
  7. Easy to be ready for double plays when you know your opponent swings a wet newspaper.
  8. Houston was the better team each of the first three games. Nice that we rallied but we can't really touch their pitching.
  9. Dusty gave us the game yesterday. If he didn't take Urquidy out no way we score yesterday.
  10. 11-8 sucks but would be enough to keep us falling for it again.
  11. They fought last year with no talent. This year they are just laying down and taking it. They for sure expected a 77 win to .500 type season.
  12. I saw the at bat on GameDay. Looked like he swung at three straight a foot off the plate lol.
  13. Giolito and Moncada are two guys I would never trust with a big contract. Eloy is in that group as well right now.
  14. Our team is on the floor......from getting kicked game after game or injured.
  15. It's almost impossible for these guys to be this bad offensively.
  16. That's the exact person I thought would be his mom. You can tell DK was crying to mommy because she is regurgitating the thoughts he publicly shared.
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