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  1. More reason why Rick Hahn should be on the hot seat. We are halfway through our contention window and we have no playoff success and a terrible farm. By now, most recently successful rebuilds produced an LCS or World Series by this time.
  2. We spent all this money on a bullpen just to... need bullpen arms. Bummer and Kelly sucked regardless of health. Graveman has been bad.
  3. "Chicago White Sox baseball, don't do this to yourself!"
  4. Hahn has been terrible bringing players in. He is as much to blame as TLR. He traded a bust in Kimbrel for another bust in Pollock. After trading a potential bust in Madrigal to get Kimbrel. Hahn is the director of DH's in the outfield.
  5. Doesn't matter. When this team is down they are toast. They are down, thus they are toast.
  6. I've been saying this since he got back. He will be DFA like DK next year. He is toast and doesn't have the velocity to remain dominant at his age.
  7. I think he would sign an extension here, but we sure as hell aren't offering him one.
  8. Lynn needs to let that dog out to shit all over Target Field.
  9. Nope. Robert is injured. Team is just so damn soft. Can't run, jump, slide, or think without getting hurt.
  10. Would be very Sox to get hot and then have the ASB.
  11. He is supposed to be Soto basically. He couldn't care less about baseball though. He wants the money, fame, cars, and women.
  12. Anderson, Eloy, Moncada, and Robert are to talented to for this BS. All the good they do is hurt by their loss of focus.
  13. I hate DK but he is right. It is clear there is no leadership on this team and no urgency.
  14. I'm glad Tim and Josh are having a great time on the bench after two terrible plays.
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