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  1. I was amped up to do this then I saw we are "only" 5 games back with 4 against the Twins this weekend. I would wait for the inevitable nut punch this weekend to do the protest.
  2. He just did an interview with Hahn. I doubt he is full of shit. He wouldn't ruin his rep with him like that. TLR may stay, but I think someone fed him some info that Hahn isn't happy.
  3. All of our guys say they suck when asked. It's to the point where it seems like they say it to avoid criticism.
  4. This week ends our season. Enjoy the summer and forget the half assed rebuild.
  5. Ah yes the fake attempt. We knew we had to overpay by more and didn't. There were more pitchers available after him and we didn't target them.
  6. Don't know but his win rate probably has. We need to stop bringing in old dudes and hoping they can play young.
  7. Lance Lynn is looking like a DFA candidate next year. He has sucked since first half of last season. Dallas Lynn.
  8. Oh I gotcha. So our entire team is a clique with the coaching staff, Hahn, and JR. Well, except of course Cease at the moment.
  9. When your team sucks you get overlooked. He will get in as a replacement.
  10. Until we lose 6 to 3 tomorrow and we are back to square one for the 20th time.
  11. Nit in terms of winning a title. I don't think we have any guys that will be viewed as Hall of Fame types or as top 20 players. Defense will certainly keep our guys out of that type of conversation.
  12. Hahn is probably confused as to why this team isn't going to win multiple championships. He needs to be fired.
  13. I prefer not to kicked in the balls and then the ass every other night. Enjoy the game fellas.
  14. That's the definition of a medicore/bad team.
  15. Win and season saved another week. Lose and the season is likely over.
  16. I'd love it but we haven't been that team. We've been underperforming since July of last year. We are at the point of needing to remove Hahn as GM and firing TLR.
  17. Thanks for nothing Richie. May your anus continue to burn.
  18. Good thing Eloy played 21 games in the minors to return when the season is over.
  19. He hasn't played long enough with the guys to form a bond and unity. That takes 500 PA's at the minimum. He also isn't allowed to run more than one base at a time or tag up.
  20. Great news. He should be back playing for the big league club at the end of September, after 3 setbacks.
  21. These guys need to get their October plans ready because it won't involve playing baseball. This team can't go on a run because we lack basic baseball intelligence and fundamentals.
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