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Harper to Phillies 13yr/330 mil


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1 hour ago, Lillian said:

Has anyone seen this and posted a link?: https://www.jotcast.com/chat/live-chat-with-tim-dierkes-4666.html

The question is whether Jerry Reinsdorf actually cares how he is perceived by the "common" fans?

Or even the rich dude from Windy City Limousine who goes to all the sporting events in his yellow M&M's jacket.

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4 minutes ago, GermanSoxFan said:

Either the White Sox are truly in 'stealth mode' or WSD is full of shit. 🤷‍♂️

Or they learned their lesson and won’t get burned again being out in public with interest.  Really what advantage to the get-? If they don’t get him they were out and if they somehow get him- it was stealth mode and fans are happy.  

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22 minutes ago, fathom said:

Seeing all over twitter that Heyman said on the radio the 5 teams still under consideration......

Phillies, Giants, Dodgers, Braves, Cubs

Braves and Cubs considered longshots.

The Cubs are absolutely and unequivocally out of it. Don’t know where you are getting this info. They are even more out of it than are dumbass FO. 

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2 hours ago, whitesoxwinner said:

It's jerry reinsdorf's birthday today

Wonder what sox fans would like to say to jerry on his 83rd birthday

I hope you buy yourself some nice $30 million gifts on your 92nd and 93rd birthdays, since those were more important than realistically trying to sign Machado and improving this baseball team you claim to care about so much.

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14 minutes ago, fathom said:

Well he did say earlier in the day the door was "wide f**king open"

I’m glad you are around to decrypt the insider talk.  Any Sox / Harper news is good news.  If the Sox steal Harper from the Phillies like the Padres stole Machado from the Sox, Hahn will once again be in our good graces and iamshack will be the greatest insider of all time.

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Cubs' window being closed by Dodgers?


The White Sox, meanwhile, have money to burn and supposedly were in the mix all winter for either Manny Machado or Harper. It was only a month ago at SoxFest that general manager Rick Hahn was asked about Machado and responded by lumping Machado and Harper together. “We belong at the table in these negotiations,” he said. “We belong part of these negotiations for premium talent, and regardless what happens over the next several weeks with either of these two players, we plan to continue to be at the table and continue to attempt to convert on these guys.” But according to reports, the Phillies, Dodgers and Giants are the only teams in the picture for Harper, and only the Phillies are willing to do a 10-year deal. The Sox either didn’t think they could meet Harper’s demands, didn’t think he was worth it or didn’t want to be rejected at the altar twice in a couple of weeks.

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