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Machado signs with Padres 10/300


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4 minutes ago, SoCalSox said:


You know how I can tell you’ve been got? You drew a “racist” remark out of something where I didn’t make one. 


Thats weak but expected. Trolls love dishing it out but can’t handle it when it gets slammed back in their face. 

Stop trashing dude members & calling people hacks & you won’t have problems. 

Not trolling, never was.  

Do I like pretend "insiders" (like yourself), NO. 

Was I trying to call someone a hack: NO.


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42 minutes ago, ChiliIrishHammock24 said:

The only piece of information that I withheld was the name of the person told my source the "some suprises" line. If I told you who the name is, you would have a good reason to have been very excited to hear it. But for obvious reasons I can't and won't say who it was. But that person was just as vague as I was. Obviously something fell through or changed or is being put on hold. This is typical when you are dealing with 30 different teams all trying to extract peak value on every trade and signing.

The only question i'll ask is has the name been mentioned this offseason in rumors or is it a new name?

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There’s another theory about some who try to get elevated social media attention.

That it will give them a platform to launch some type of entrepreneurial venture, to monetize something they’re passionate about.

Whether it’s Mr. Money Moustache (financial advice that is “not a job” while being retired in 30’s), Ryan’s Toys Reviews generating $30+ million for a six year old or a Taiwanese hiker/climber finding fame (unfortunately in death) for taking 1000’s of pictures of herself in a bikini, it’s the world we currently inhabit.

Now WSD only has to figure out a way to combine bikinis and baseball news without coming across in a creepy, Zuckerberg-ish way.

PS:  Iamshack has never given off that vibe at all.  

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  • Kalapse changed the title to Yeah, they actually screwed this up: Machado reportedly signs with Padres

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