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Congrats to Sox players, coaches and Hahn and Jerry and Kenny. And of course LaRussa. He's a lock for manager of the year. This team had so many injuries it's unbelievable. And the "race" was a joke. Sox have run away with the division and frankly should pay enough money to players to win this small market division for years to come.

If Sox want to own the city it's there for them now and years to come. All it will take is $$$$.

That can wait though. Good job Tim Anderson and Jose. It's your team right now. And Tony LaRussa, if not for your personal shortcomings you would be so popular right now it's unfathomable. This guy comes in and runs away with the division title in his first year. I hope the Hall of Fame magic works and he can engineer a WS title.

He has enough talent to do it. Will he make clownlike RR decisions with his starting pitchers in the playoffs or will Tony draw on his vast experience and take this talented, bruised team and win it all?? Just do it Tony and for those players with a designated driver, celebrate after the DH.

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The Sox go as Timmy goes. Tim gets an RBI and the Sox are like 31-4  when he doesn't they are 9 games under .500 .

Big day for Time leading off the game with a HR then adding a 3 run HR in the 2nd. Eloy and Robert also hit solo shots. Robert hit another bomb off the CF wall that went for just a single.

Lopez pitched well enough in 3.1 innings while the BP of Crochet, Bummer, Kimbrel and Hendriks pitched 3.2 innings of shutout ball.

Cesar Hernandez broke out of his long slump while going 3-3 in his return to Cleveland and collected career hit 1000. Congrats to Cesar and to all the Sox for winning the Central.

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