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Castellanos opts out


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13 minutes ago, Capital G said:

I can just picture the OF defense lol

Unless we play him at DH and run out Sheets/Vaughn in the OF? (Still not ideal for OF D).


Just throwing that out there as I dont see us signing him.

This is the big thing for me. While his bat would obviously be welcomed in the lineup (handedness be damned), we all know that improving the defense is important too, and Castellanos is not going to help out in that regard one bit. 

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3 hours ago, Bob Sacamano said:

Starling Marte to RF, Castellanos split DH and LF with Eloy.

I don't doubt that he can play Right, but S. Marte has never played the position. He's been Left-Center-DH his entire career. It still begs the question of what to do with Grandal, who I doubt will catch 100 games next year. The point being that if you're bringing in Castellanos you pretty much have to trade Eloy, unless you're willing to tolerate an outfield of Eloy-Robert-Castellanos. Not exactly a Pitcher's dream of an outfield. IMO, in something resembling reality, bringing in S. Marte would be the option over Castellanos. Eloy's jug-headedness in the field really complicates the Fantasy alignment of Sox player positioning.

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Honestly, I wouldn’t be that surprised. He sure fits the bill of a guy the Sox have traditionally liked. But I hope they’re smarter than that - he’s an awful fit. 

That all said, if they signed him I’d certainly love the guy and get behind the team. But I know it’s not an optimal move by any stretch. 

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