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Crochet having Tommy John surgery Tuesday


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14 minutes ago, KrankinSox said:

A real bummer, but not at all surprising. I wonder if it would have been the smart move to give him the surgery after 2020 when his forearm was acting up in the playoffs. He'd likely be close to fully rehabbed by now.

Hard to believe he was fully healthy last year when he was throwing 95 at times. 

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5 minutes ago, Squirmin' for Yermin said:

Isn't Richardo Rodriguez still available? 

The guy that throws nearly all fastballs and only throws 93? No thanks. Atlanta didn't want him back and I can see why. He was lost after the sticky ban. 

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10 minutes ago, SoxAce said:

Horrible news. Sox are now weak with lefty bullpen arms.

Said it a bit earlier in the off-season, and I think Hendriks is still the chalk, but I have a sneaky feeling the Sox best reliever in 2022 is going to be Aaron Bummer. Also the fact that Bummer isn't tied to any inning or any roll I think will help mitigate this pain. Bummer can throw in the biggest spots in the game from the 5th inning on and can possibly go multiple innings. 

Bummed for the kid though; good news for him is he's so young, by the time he comes back it will be at an age of which most guys are just making their debuts.

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5 minutes ago, CentralChamps21 said:

With the 3 batter rule, having multiple lefties in the pen isn't as important as it used to be.

Bullpen now looks like Hendriks/Graveman/Bummer/Kelly (later)/Lopez/Ruiz/Velazquez

Well I always thought it made sense with Crochet going into the Kopech random spot start/multi-inning/not quite a long reliever role he seemed to be in last year.

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Probably stupid fan talk…but was there anyway for him to just get the surgery after last year? Obviously it wasn’t “needed” at that time and no one wants to get surgery, but it’s sad how obvious this was to see coming with the way his year ended. 

Who’s the 2nd lefty out of the pen now?

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