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GT 6/21: TOR @ SOX, 7:10, NBCSC

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THIS WILL BE A FUN GAME for baseball nerds. 

Gausman has served up only 2 homers. The adjusted wind is blowing 31% out for HR's tonight. Cease is in same boat. Just two great pitchers, great bats all around -- and that's including the Sox now that they've decided to wake up. Something has to give today ... weather .... bats .... pitchers ... 


I'm just excited as a baseball nerd to watch all of it. 


Gausman has actually struggled of late, but his road splits and night game splits are very solid. 


Going to need to play a CLEAN game. can't have any errors or mistakes. wind and those bats will bite you if you don't take advantage of the small stuff ... clean defense, hitting cutoff men, sac hits, sac flys, understanding the situations. also very importan for cease to get ahead in the count. this is not a game i want to see sousa in... or any of our bullpen really. cease needs to be aggressive, no nibbling and get 6-7ip. I don't care if it's 4er, just needs to get late in game. 

opposite side sox bats need to be patient, same thing. lets get to their bullpen. the quicker gausman gets the hook the better for the sox. 


prediction -- whoever forces the bullpen to come in first wins. 


go go sox. 

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7 of his last 8 starts have been under 6 full innings.

Only exception the Cubs' game at 7 IP.

No pitcher in the AL and maybe majors has pitched five consecutive starts with over 100 pitches thrown.

If anything, they might sacrifice this game if it's not THAT close early just to protect Dylan and get the B bullpen guys some work to stay fresh.

The problem with that is Giolito has been terrible lately for G3.

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Swingin' on the front porch
Swingin' on the lawn
Swingin' where we want
'Cause there ain't nobody home
Swingin' to the left
And swingin' to the right
If I think about baseball
I'll swing all night yea

Swingin' in the living room
Swingin' in the kitchen
Most folks don't 'cause
They're too busy bitchin'

In honor of the new and improved Sox offense

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10 minutes ago, scs787 said:

Do hotels typically have NBCSC? Any specific ones we know that carry it? I'll be needing to snag a hotel for about a week and would love to actually watch a game. 

typically no.  But the hotel bars do.

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6 minutes ago, scs787 said:

Hotel bars?? I'll be be in a company vehicle and can't take it to a bar. 

Can you take it to a restaurant that also has a bar? Like a Buffalo Wild Wings? There are a few of those in the area.

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20 minutes ago, CentralChamps21 said:

Can you take it to a restaurant that also has a bar? Like a Buffalo Wild Wings? There are a few of those in the area.

Hooters?  Do those still exist?  Haven’t been back to the US for three years and counting…

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Just now, CentralChamps21 said:

This is the 13th time this season the Sox have been 1 game under.

Yup, been wallowing in mediocrity too long. Team is hitting well enough now to start winning 7 of 10 and shit. Schedule is going to get a lot easier so let's hit the ground running by taking this series with Toronto.

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44 minutes ago, superchops70 said:

I wonder if we’ll see Mendick at second, Harrison at third and Vaughn in right tonight.

I think this is the play.  Harrison sure picked it at 2B yesterday, but just don't think we can afford to run Jake out there at 3B everyday until Yoan is back.  Maybe against bad teams, but cannot give the good ones extra outs to play with.

33 minutes ago, Bob Sacamano said:

and Burger DH? I can dig it.

Still so curious to see how they play out the Pollock/AV/Eloy/Burger logjam at LF/RF/DH upon Eloy's return (and Yoan, for that matter).  Hoping its a situation we find ourselves in, frankly.  

Pollock hasn't played RF since May 6th!!!  Pretty obvious they don't intend to move him back to RF.  Eloy isn't playing RF.  This would seem to indicate Pollock LF, AV RF and Eloy DH is the plan, but I will believe it when I see it on the Sox ending Eloy's escapades in LF.   

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