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6/29 GT: Sox @ LAAAAAA (Kopech v. Ohtani) - let's go streaking at 8:38 PM CT

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Just now, hi8is said:

Garcia - Harrison - Zavala… YES!!!!!

Most managers would pinch hit for Leury right there.

Most managers aren't in the Hall of Fame 😎.

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3 minutes ago, fathom said:

This has to be the worst game all year in terms of chasing pitches out of the zone.  That was freaking embarrassing by Harrison.

Last night in LA, end the game quick and go out until sunrise, especially for the four hitters, four starting pitchers and a few bullpen guys Tony promised the day off tomorrow.


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That was such a boring game. With Eloy hitting one home run in 13 games in the minors looks like this just isn't the year the Sox uppercuts leave the park. What a poor team.

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This manager sets the tone and it sucks. I saw so much sloppiness from this team. They do little things wrong and it has been put up with far too long under this regime. 

Kopech flubs a ball covering first (vs dp)…leads to a run. Robert doesn’t tag on a ball he should have been…should have been on 3rd with 0 or 1 outs vs stuck on 2nd…which should lead to a run. 

They had lefty on mound and runners on - great situation to put in Vaughn as a pinch hitter (vs letting a .200 batter hit). Nope let the .200 batter hit. 

Over course of the season constantly tolerating shit out of the little things and putting your squad on bad situations compounds. Honest to god - he is as bad of a mgr as I have seen. 

Tham just watch the Angels run their shifts - dynamic depending on count and situation vs Sox vanilla shifts. Straight up incompetence. 

Players are part of it but mgr and willingness to not hold players accountable (honestly the one thing I thought he would do) is just beyond pathetic. 

FU White Sox for screwing up such a good team.  This includes having a hitting coach who is doing the exact opposite of every team in baseball regarding launch angle. 

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12 minutes ago, The Beast said:

They should have won this one, but in my mind, the season comes down to the next few weeks.

That is the thing - they will do 2 or 3 things wrong every game and they aren’t just the usual errors. Those happen - the things I see, whether mgr not making the smart call or players not doing the little fundamental things to prevent someone from advancing or them advancing when they need to…it’s bad and it makes a difference and increases the margin to win and put streaks together. 

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