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7/17 Games


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26 minutes ago, DirtySox said:

Streak at 50.

Imagine if he was a Yankees prospect how much tweets about it from the national guys would be happening

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3 hours ago, flavum said:

Montgomery homer!

Are we seeing a guy that can legitimately be a top 5-10 prospect in the league? On top of his absurd offense, one of the writers (Law maybe?) Said that his defense has been outstanding. 

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27 minutes ago, maxjusttyped said:

Nice starts from Kelley and Davis Martin, Kelley's ERA is down to 3.64. It's encouraging to see him getting good results.

Kath 2-3 BB
Popeye 2-4 3B RBI BB

Yoelqui 2-3 HR SB

Sosa 1-3

Yaz 0-2 BB

And Sosa tacked on another hit

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2 hours ago, maxjusttyped said:

.354 OBP with a 14% (!!) walk rate over the last month. It'd be a gamechanger for him if those improvement are legit.

Oh wow. I kinda just stopped paying attention after the early K rate.

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Has Cespedes magically learned to walk? In the previous 21 games, he has 13 BB and 24 SO. In the 50 games before that he had a whopping 6 BB and 64 SO. 

I was done with him when he had that pathetic 2% BB% early on. Glad he's finally walking. In the last month, he's slashing .271, .421, .443. not bad

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