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2023 MLB Draft thread


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Today is the deadline for signing draftees and the Sox signed everyone!  That is a start.  By my rough count the Sox went over their pool by about 446k which is just below the 5% line penalty.  Jerry et al pay a 75% tax on that.  If you go over the 5%, you lose a first rounder.  So since I give them crap for a lot of things, I suppose it is only fair to give them credit for spending.  Time will tell if it was well spent.  I did note only one 10k signing.  Everyone else in rounds 11-20 were at least the 150k "max" without counting against your pool. A lot less punted picks which should give better depth and the chance for a wild card.    

Sorry Harold, I had done my cyphering before seeing your post.

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On 7/19/2023 at 2:45 PM, oldsox said:

Okay, fill us in on young Christian Oppur. 5th rounder.

I missed this, but you should listen to the FutureSox podcast cause they keep discussing him.

But TL;DL - young lefty starting pitcher throw hard

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On 8/1/2023 at 2:35 PM, Joshua Strong said:

Is Gonzalez the 3rd baseman of the future?

C Quero/Lee

1B (Empty)

2B Sosa/Rodriguez?

SS Montgomery

3B: Gonzalez

OF Benintendi 

OF Robert

OF Colas?

DH Eloy?

2B more likely for Gonzalez. Ramos at 3B. 

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4 hours ago, SoCalChiSox said:

2B more likely for Gonzalez. Ramos at 3B. 

If Gonzalez is too slow for SS, then he’s probably too slow for 2B. I did forget about Ramos. 

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1 hour ago, Springfield Soxfan said:

Has Gonzalez really been that bad? That Keith Law article on KW says not looking good for Gonzo.  

Look, as James would point out, it is way early, but I have not liked what I have seen.  Great understanding of the strike zone.  Not bad defensively, but he rarely hits the ball hard.  The slow running is really only noticeable going down the line to first.  There’s time, but just watching them play, I prefer Brooks Baldwin, last year’s 12th rounder.  Not what you want from 1-15.

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He's been about as bad as can be.

But yeah his speed thing is more acceleration. Completely bizarre how slow he gets started to first given he gives up on his swing to start running there early.


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One thing I do find difficult to understand, and maybe Fegan could have answered, is this board we are constantly fighting between two exclusive ideas, imo.

1. Compared to other orgs, our minor leaguers are getting  no help. And their success is 100% dependent on them and often getting outside help in offseason or just being wunderkinds.

2. The org is way too hands on, being over aggressive in manipulating players who had already proven to be successful.

I'm really skeptical about 2. They have always seem to be a "let them see it fail" org to me rather than ones to prematurely fix. At least buddy bells go to seemed to be to put them in a league where it was likely to be exposed and see them flail. Maybe that is different now. Fulmer DID seem to be proactively managed to smooth it out, but I thought that was going to be injury related. A cooper guidance.

I'm skeptical it's 2, personally. Gonzalez may have read all the doubts, or is over compensating in trying to address them. I'd be really surprised if the coaches are being THAT aggressive on him now.

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5 hours ago, reiks12 said:

Went to look at what Teel has been doing so far, and yeah I really fucking hate the Red Sox.

I wonder what would have happened if they hadn't blocked the White Sox from picking Benintendi (we grabbed Fulmer that draft).

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