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7/22 GT Guardians @ White Sox, 7:10PM CT, Apple TV

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2 minutes ago, reiks12 said:

Too many excuses for Giolito this season, for whatever reason he gets a pass for his terrible performance

If he doesn't get his fastball back next year with a full ST he's cooked. :(

You can say the same for Lynn

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Well this game is pretty much over.

Feel sorry for fans who paid good money and had built up excitement over this one.


And now an error on Engel, lol.

Getting to be close to Patriots Day Massacre in Boston now.

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4 minutes ago, maxjusttyped said:

Grandal's strikeout rate is lower than Eloy's by almost 10%. Grandal also has a higher batting average, if all you're looking is to put the ball in play or get a single. But trying to differentiate between the 2 doesn't make much sense when they've both been terrible.

Yaz has over 100 more plate appearances than Eloy this season. I would take an Eloy AB in that spot than a Yaz AB there

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