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Trade Rumors Catch-all

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Just now, wegner said:

How long into tonight's broadcast until we hear Stoney explain that moves happen after the trade deadline...guys just have to get through waivers but trades do happen.

Not anymore. Waiver period has been eliminated. It's do or die today. (New CBA) 

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Just now, fathom said:

He will for sure say that getting Robert back is a huge move 

I'd love to hear that, becuase Hahn wouldn't say that if it isn't true and this team could still win the division if Robert comes back and is himself. 

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6 minutes ago, fathom said:

Mahle has more contract control and is a RHP.  

Plus Maeda this year coming back and Paddack early to mid 2023.  Building depth.  

Ober having all kinds of setbacks in rehab.


Gives them Mahle, Sonny Gray, Ryan, Archer, Bundy, Ober/Maeda

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Just now, 2Deep said:

He does not impress me. I have never been a mahle fan. That does not make them clear cut division winners

I like Mahle.  Instantly becomes Twins best SP, depending on what Ryan you get rest of the way. But yeah....he's like a solid #3 at best.  Says more about their trash rotation than anything else.  

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6 minutes ago, chetkincaid said:

Wow it seems like Hahn is standing pat for real. I'm glad he's not trading prospects to try to save this season.

If they don't make any trades today, I think we are in for a MAJOR retool in the offseason. I think that is the best course of action. 

Lol okay. There won't be any major retool because no one wants our players and we aren't spending money to get better. It'll be ran back with some tweaks. 

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2 minutes ago, Look at Ray Ray Run said:

it's very very white sox.

we only find elite players worth considering, they just never consider us.

It seems like the White Sox are rarely on no trade lists for players...unfortunately we have a very extensive will not sign list.

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seeing the white sox bomb another offseason/trade deadline experience is a strange joy to me at this point.

at first it was defeat, sadness and anger.

now i just wonder what it will take to leave this piss poor organization in the dark

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Honestly - it was last year at the deadline where the Sox truly lost me - I was vocal than and than continued this off-season with there absolute pathetic use of resources.  This just seems to be the bottoming out and the reality that there will be an entirely new regime starting in the off-season.  The amount of money and resources this team has put on mediocre and depth guys vs. focusing on top talent is just mind blowing (and that is all on Rick - I can give him a pass for the TLR fiasco but he is not innocent).  

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