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Trade Rumors Catch-all

Chicago White Sox

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Imagine if we had just:

1.) Not hired TLR

2.) Signed Rodon

3.) Signed Schwarber 


Pretty sure almost everyone here was on board with all of this… doesn’t take a fucking Billy fucking Bean bright guy shit to figure this out.

And now @ron883 - yes, call up Colas up now.

SS - Andreson

CF - Robert

3B - Moncada

DH - Abreu  / Grandal / Eloy

LF - Eloy / Vaughn 

1B - Vaughn / Abreu / Grandal

C - Grandal / Zavala

RF - Colas

2B - Harrison

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9 minutes ago, nitetrain8601 said:

All we'll need is the Hahn breakdown and to shave his head like Paxson. Once he got two tough questions in a row, he'd shut down and go off. I also don't know why people are blaming KW. He's the antithesis of Hahn. He would've made a ton of moves to help the team. Sox needed some invigoration at the very least to have a chance. A guy like Joc Pederson definitely would've been that. 

I feel like the quintessential KW move would have been to acquire someone like Pujols or Nelson Cruz.

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It stings a bit but I’m fine standing pat. A cheap reliever and a lefty RF on the cheap would have been nice, but I’m guessing no one worth acquiring was available for what Hahn was willing to give. I’m fine with it. Let them all sleep in their own shit, or watch this team wake the fuck up and rally in this winnable division. I’ll hope for the latter until it’s not possible. 

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Just now, The Beast said:

Is anyone really surprised by their lack of moves?

I don't know how they looked at the corner outfield spots and thought "this is fine". 

Not even doing the minimum and getting a rental there is a huge failure. 

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2 minutes ago, The Beast said:

There is no chance they can win the WS this year. I am disappointed they only made one trade, but I don’t know realistically who they would have gotten to make the club better. Soto was a pipe dream. They didn’t get any of the starting pitchers they needed. They could have added an arm, but what sense does that make without a bat?

They weren’t going to deal Abreu. I remain concerned that Grandal and Lynn are underperforming and could be in decline as they age, but what is going to fix that? How would they be able to deal Moncada with how he is hitting and what he is making? You do make a valid point about the excuses, I have been waiting for them to flip their performance and they haven’t. They almost won’t be able to in time given the moves the Twins made.

Agree on the WS part. Even if they dealt for Soto, it would've cost too much on the major league roster as well. 


With that stated, it's not about "they weren't going to do this". The list is shorter of things they were willing to do. It's about what they should've done. IMO, it's continued evidence that Hahn has a lack of a part 2 to his plan. Yes, he loaded on prospects. Then, he didn't know what to do afterwards. Missing out on Machado and Harper. Using cash assets on the Machado fan club, Joe Kelly, Yasmany Grandal, Lance Lynn. Never finding a replacement or realistic role for Leury Garcia. Playing more than 1 guy out of position, nightly. Lack of left handed pop. Lack of ability to address holes in the offseason. Everyone here knew the holes going into the offseason. Here's how much effort he made: 0. 


He's acquired a group of oft-injured, consistently under-performing players. He's wasted the twilight of Jose Abreu.


They should've traded Cueto, Abreu, Moncada, Grandal, Hendriks, Lynn. 

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