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8/9 Game Two - Vs. KC Because Why Not

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I'm sorry but this team is done. The loss of TA makes it official. And who on this team would even step up in his absence? They are just going to roll over and quit. 

This whole rebuild was cursed the day JR hired TLR. In a couple weeks once school starts and football starts GR field will be empty. 

What an incredible waste and letdown to what was expected to be. 

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8 minutes ago, T R U said:

Jesus, we’re really about to get 6 weeks of Leury at SS aren’t we

Appears that way. We’re 3 days in and that plan could not be more clear. Just brutal. 

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Just now, T R U said:

I bet Jason goes home and rubs one out to a picture of Nicky Lopez 

I would tell you it pales in comparison to what happens to the picture of Leury when TLR gets a few Cialis and a 6 pack in him.

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Frank being interviewed on MLB Network about being CEO of Field of Dreams. You can tell how excited he is. Mentioned the Sox about 50 times. Don't think he wants the Cubs there at all lol. That said, don't see his vision for 9 more fields there.

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