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8/9 Game Two - Vs. KC Because Why Not

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Just now, KrankinSox said:

I thought Jasin was bad, but this is atrocious.

I know broadcasting is subjective, but I don't know how anyone could watch out of town baseball and still not like Benetti. 2/3 of broadcasts are excruciating to listen to.

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21 minutes ago, reiks12 said:

Cant believe they didnt pinch hit Vaughn for Sheets there, im just so tired

Or Robert. TLR is averse to pinch hitting, and doesn’t like to pinch hit players that are “resting” in that game like Robert and Vaughn in this game.

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2 minutes ago, fathom said:

Must be so nice having good defensive outfielders

I love the OF defense the Orioles throw out there.....well I didn't love it against our Sox but you know.

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