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White Sox vs. Orioles 8/23 6:05 CDT (Cease vs. Voth)

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8 minutes ago, fathom said:

Tony over managing this inning. Diekman once again sucking and the Lambert magic is gone.

Well he may have as well left Diekmann in to pitch to Mateo with two lefties coming next, instead of bringing in Lambert to throw a high hanging slider cookie and the run scores any way.

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20 minutes ago, Middle Buffalo said:

Starter goes 5 innings. Let’s bring in 3 or 4 relievers for an inning each. 

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

The higher they get paid, the greater chance they give up a run.

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1 minute ago, South Side Fireworks Man said:

What does it say when Seby Zavala is one of your best hitters?

Ha Ha.  The high deep wall just took away the second homer of the game. Both doubles by Robert and Seby would have been a homer in any other park…

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