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2022 College Football Season

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14 hours ago, Joshua Strong said:

Lots of chatter about Tommy Rees being shown the door at ND. And honestly, I wouldn’t hate it. He’s a good coach but he’s been awful at recruiting QBs during his time at ND. And unfortunately for him, that’s the lifeblood of the sport 

I think he should get a couple years until he can demonstrate whether those issues were is or his former boss'.

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While I'm still not a NIL fan, (I believe the colleges should be paying), it did help one of our local stars to hang around for his seventh season. (Not a typo)

Finger: UTSA, Frank Harris prove NIL isn’t just for the big boys https://www.expressnews.com/sports/columnists/mike_finger/article/Finger-UTSA-Frank-Harris-prove-NIL-isn-t-just-17645527.php

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Just now, southsider2k5 said:

Tonight was an absolute waste of a broadcast.

My son had a meltdown tonight - why did I waste my tv time watching that game. Lol - I was like - the whole country outside of Georgia feels the same way. 

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It seems the recruiting skill for college coaches will be lining up NIL money for recruits. If a coach can't line up sponsors they will not last. 

That's actually great for players. 

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