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9/21 Sox vs Cleveland

Bob Sacamano

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20 minutes ago, Chick Mercedes said:

Just letting loose more emotional baggage. Colas’ promotion to AAA, if he can come up to AAA, I still say he could have come up for a cup of coffee this year or more considering the need. Nobody agreed, but I will hold onto my delusions. 🤨

Robert should have been placed on the IL and Colas should have come up during his ball mashing at AA. How many games have Robert and Engel cost us in the second half? 

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1 hour ago, kitekrazy said:

Spend some time watching them.  Those are the types of teams that ruin predictable post seasons.  Their pen is tough.  Their starters are not ones to easily roll over.  Their youngsters play hard.  They do everything the White Sox don't.  If they get squashed it could because they got hot at the wrong time.

The main reason being the other teams have loads more talent that don't underperformed.  Seattle literally bitchslapped them a couple of weeks back.  I don't know the Blue Jays h2h with Cleveland but that team is also loaded with talent that doesn't underperformed.  Sure anything can happen but a betting man would say they are going to slapped down and hard.\

EDIT: 1-6 against the Mariners this year; and it looks like they owned the Blue Jays with a 5-2 record, so maybe they can root to play against them.

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