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9/22 Sox vs. Guardians 7:10PM CT

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27 minutes ago, Tnetennba said:

Here come the injury excuses…

Well, if he wants to stick around, he better get used to it, as every guy mentioned in that quote, and a dozen more miss significant time most seasons.

Abreu and Vaughn are the two most dependable players, and most here want both gone next year.

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Just now, joejoesox said:


they're gonna get swept lmfaoooo

For the best at this point. Not rooting for it persay, but they aren’t winning the division so I’m all for forcing change. 

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1 minute ago, hi8is said:

Connor McKnight is the homer of all homers. f*** that guy.

Rongey or Dave WIlls would be MUCH more fun right now.

McKnight should have a starring role on Leave It To Beaver with his peppy enthusiasm and lack of any questioning at all.

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14 minutes ago, Dick Allen said:

If Moncada had a reputation of running balls ot, second basement couldn't play him 15 feet on the OF grass because they would at least think they could not throw him out.

Or if he wasn’t slow now

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