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9/22 Sox vs. Guardians 7:10PM CT

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2 minutes ago, hankchifan said:

Can Moncada be asked for a salary refund or a salary cut?  His performance has not been in line with his outsize salary.

Just in case you were serious…no. MLB contains fully guaranteed contracts. He would have to be suspended or violate a personal conduct clause to the degree of an Ozuna or Bauer before you can do anything like that.

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9/23/22 White Sox Division Math

  • Cleveland 4-8 White Sox 12-0
  • Cleveland 3-9 White Sox 11-1
  • Cleveland 2-10 White Sox 10-2
  • Cleveland 1-11 White Sox 9-3
  • Cleveland 0-12 White Sox 8-4

9/23/22 White Sox Wild Card Math

  • Seattle 6-7 White Sox 12-0 (Baltimore 9-4 or worse)
  • Seattle 5-8 White Sox 11-1 (Baltimore 8-5 or worse)
  • Seattle 4-9 White Sox 10-2 (Baltimore 7-6 or worse)
  • Seattle 3-10 White Sox 9-3 (Baltimore 6-7 or worse)
  • Seattle 2-11 White Sox 8-4 (Baltimore 5-8 or worse)
  • Seattle 1-12 White Sox 7-5 (Baltimore 4-9 or worse)
  • Seattle 0-13 White Sox 6-6 (Baltimore 3-10 or worse)


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Just now, Soxfest said:

Thanks Hahn for trusting the guys in dugout instead of getting some help at trade deadline………:sweep:

Like it would have mattered.  Be happy he didn’t make more awful trades.  He should be public enemy number 1.

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2 minutes ago, Middle Buffalo said:

Beat us. Mocked the hand signals our hitters do after hits. Laughed and clowned us on our field.

Fitting end to this series/season.

I can’t be mad at the Guardians, but hopefully our players remember how this feels.

If TLR were around he’d be calling for one of them to get hit.

I did notice Sox players watching from the dugout after the final out for a bit. I hope it fucking hurts.

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