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Rodon almost equal to 4/5th’s of Sox starting rotation in fWAR


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‘Los, 6.2, leading all of baseball and specifically Aaron Nola by 0.3 with just one possible start remaining against the Padres to decide a playoff spot.

Poised to be #1 free agent pitcher on the market unless deGrom shockingly bolts, or Verlander inexplicably leaves Houston.


Cueto 2.3

Lynn 1.7

Giolito 1.7

Kopech 1.0=6.7

Da.Martin 0.9=7.6


Fyi, Dylan Cease @ 4.6


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Posted (edited)

There’s no guarantee they were going to get a longer term deal done, but at least get that compensation pick back.

Just a massive talent swing out of the organization.

And Cueto’s likelihood of repeating with a bigger deal…well, been down that road before.


And wasn’t Rodon so much as two very wrong moves simultaneously, that pretty much everyone saw coming a mile away, not just putting Kimbrel in the rear view window for only $1 million. 

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1 hour ago, Tnetennba said:

The FO massively fucked this one up.  Thanks for the reminder 🙄🙄.

Not only did the FO botch this up, but the clueless and inept medical staff obviously fucked this up not understanding and educating the FO of the medical factors of arm strength and durability increasing in year two vs. year one...coming off TJS. 

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People need to get over this. 

There was no way Jerry was going to give Rodon even the QO with his injury history. None. 

Rodon was never coming back in 2022. Was not going to happen. 

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57 minutes ago, scotty22hotty said:

So does letting a potential cy young pitcher walk for nothing eclipse the Tatis trade?

Tatis turned out to be a $300m cheater while the Sox would've won the division with Rodon 🙃

Now we can pretend we didn't trade Tatis AND Sosa away.  That's a pretty neat trick.  Baines, too.

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