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DeGrom 5/$185 to Texas


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14 hours ago, SonofaRoache said:

We are used to being cheap. It's always better to sign elite players when you can. We sign guys past their primes looking to catch lightning and that rarely works. 

When they spend it turn out to be stupid.    They are the neglected step sister in a large market city so they can't compete with the big boys in spending.   They are really cheap in spending with coaching and scouting.  So they should do what the other small market successful teams do.

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9 hours ago, Chisoxfn said:

Since 2020 they have the 2nd highest pitching war in baseball behind the dodgers (6th highest starting pitching).  

And no one is saying have blind adoration for anything. 

I would say that “they were 3rd in starting pitching WAR in 2021 but don’t look at the 15th place finish in 2022 you can’t see that look together they’re sixth this is working great!” Is the definition of blind adoration. I would say that quoting a tweet to me about how they were projected for the best WAR next year, casually not saying that it was best in the division and should put them 13th or 14th in baseball is pretty blind as some really important context was missing and invisible. I would say that praising their projections on their pitching being in the top half in baseball without noting that the same projection puts them below .500 and in third place in the division is really, really blind adoration. 

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28 minutes ago, Bob Sacamano said:

I would love to add one of the big SS now. But I doubt TA’s ego would allow a move to 2B.

Cleveland’s shortstop was supposed to be available in trades this offseason IIRC, he’s a little close to free agency and they might have had a prospect coming up.

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Allow me to speculate that one Carlos Rodon will receive a contract approaching the zip code of the deal consummated by deGrom. One might argue that Carlos presents a larger risk for a five year deal perhaps correctly; however Carlos has nine potential  bidders according to the non-food insiders. These numbers may reflect the value assigned to a very effective part time SP. 

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