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Jesse Rogers: Sox Sign Benintendi - 5yr / $75M

Chicago White Sox

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3 minutes ago, Kalapse said:

it's fine. he's fine, the guarantee is fine. it's just fine.

The guarantee isn’t fine though for a team that cries poor. You just gave the largest contract in team history to a guy who is meh. A deal like that on just about any other team who is willing to spend money would seem okay, I’m just skeptical because of who the owner is 

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1 minute ago, Capn12 said:

This is akin to taking the 6 to the prom, instead of swinging for a 10 and missing.


But hey, it is a real OFer in LF finally. And if it means Liam has to go, I'm.......ok with it. I kind of like the idea of Reynaldo closing.

Looking at his batted ball profile, there's some worrying signs. Whatever. He's probably a 2 WAR player. That's better than what we were working with previously.

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Solid move.

LH bat, high OBP and good D. Should be 2.5 to 3 WAR player so 15m AAV is fine for that. Did very well vs ALC. Maybe the power might come back in our park.

They prolly had to add that 5th year to secure him, but at least they are actually addressing multiple needs for once, and it's better to slightly overpay (in the form of years) than to do nothing at all.

You have to give FO their due when they do something good and I'm happy to give them credit for this.

Good job RH, KW and PG. 

Now I'm bracing to see which player is going to be moved to balance the payroll.

I'll bet Hendriks to TOR. 

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I get why people are upset that the Sox didn't go for upside, but I like the move.  I said at the outset they needed to sign 1 of Conforto, Bellinger, Gallo, and Benintendi.  Of those 4, I probably like Benintendi the best because the Sox have enough guys coming of disastrous seasons/injuries without adding one more.  They desperately needed to add talent rather than make a trade because their overall talent pool is so thin.  $15 mil is not a ton in a world where top players are getting $40.  Is this the huge splash that makes them a WS favorite? No.  But it's better than having Eloy out there and Sheets at DH or counting on Mark Payton.

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