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The 2023 f*** It Thread


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Since this team is a dumpster fire, start Oscar Colás in right field almost every game and banish Eloy Jiménez to DH.

Since this team is a dumpster fire, let someone from Soxtalk be the team’s GM at the trade deadline.

Since this team is a dumpster fire, let Reinsdorf hand the team to his son and let him bring in new management, replacing KW and RH.

Since this team is a dumpster fire, hire a high ranking scout or executive from the Rays, clean house and have that person run this team like the Rays so they might use analytics properly and be competitive on a budget.

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54 minutes ago, TheFutureIsNear said:

Honest question- if the Sox win 90 games and make the playoffs but lose in the 1st round would you call the season a dumpster fire result?

No, in the short term I’d probably view it as a pleasant surprise to accomplish that in spite of the organizational ineptitude. But ultimately, in the grand scheme of things, I’d also call it a disappointment. Another first round exit doesn’t really do much for me anymore.

54 minutes ago, TheFutureIsNear said:

As far as the 1st part of your post- If an obviously disingenuous man hands you a glass of Kool-aide and you choose to drink it, whose fault is it? I’ve resigned to the fact that the Sox are most likely never going to win another WS under Jerry. Is that ok? No. Is it sad? Yup. But also hard to ignore reality.

The thing is, the path was there for them to succeed. This wasn’t a being sold beachfront property in Nebraska type thing. They just did pretty much every thing wrong since the contention window opened.

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