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2023-24 NFL Season Thread

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9 hours ago, Chisoxfn said:

So I guess Pete King said he wouldn’t be surprised if Bears fired Flus following Thursdays game. 

So let’s just say this is the case - has a team ever hired an interim coach who wasn’t on the current coaching staff? Would McCaskey turn to Lovie and basically say - hey can you and Marinelli come in and do us a solid and bring leadership and steer us through this? It’s only thing I can think of - and probably totally absurd. In college it happens sometimes, during bowls, but Lovie and Marinelli know the defense and scheme and Lovie, despite his flaws, absolutely knows how to control a lockeroom. 

Jeff Saturday happened last year.

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10 hours ago, Tony said:

Again, what's the better option in Week 5? If they are still trying to "learn" about players, how does learning a whole new system work? And they can't fire Eberflus and keep Getsy (I mean they can, and it's the Bears) but that would be so dumb 

I don't think it's that ridiculous to fire eberflus and keep getsy. Certainly a less dumb decision than firing both at once. 

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Man its rough looking back and being like "I miss the john fox era". Certainly a push that Dan Quinn, while maybe not the long term savior, would have done what fox did and bring in a great coaching staff.

Obviously defensively you had the single most influential d coordinator of the decade in Fangio, and him bringing in Donatell. You had future head coach Brandon Staley. The eagles coordinator and bears future d coord in Sean Desai. Frank Smith was our TE coach and now the OC under McDaniel. Dave Ragone is the OC for the Falcons. Clint Hurtt is the longtime DC of the Seahawks. Our offensive quality control coach Ben McDaniels is now the passing game coordinator for the Texans. John Dunn was an quality control coach that is now the Packers TE coach. Jeff Rogers is the Assistant Head Coach for the AZ cardinals and ST coach.

Obviously coaches find work, and some of these guys gained more valuable experience elsewhere in the 6 years since.

But thinking about this situation now where we don't even have a guy you'd make interim coach and...eesh. I still think the obvious candidate would be Chris Morgan. 

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2 hours ago, Dick Allen said:

There are people who think Prime Time's son is a better pro QB prospects than Williams.  Prime and his son package deal to the Bears?

I love Colorado, but I think his operation works phenomenal as a college program and would lose some edge in the pros.

I do like Shadeur but his windup is kinda funky and sometimes his lack of arm strength shows. Meanwhile Williams...is just wow. I feel like a lot of the criticism I see of him is just hating on someone universally praised out of reaction.

This QB class is crazy though. Williams, Maye, McCarthy, Sanders, Penix, Nix, Leonard, Pratt, Ewers...just a lot of really experienced QBs with different profiles. 

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Just now, baseball_gal_aly said:

Fields looks like a completely different QB over the last 6 quarters. Calm, poised and decisive in the pocket. The light may have come on. Need to see more though. 

He's also gotten really good protection today. They've kept him clean on a vast majority of the snaps. Having Jenkins back is making a big difference right now. 

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3 minutes ago, Kyyle23 said:

I don’t know if Howell is gonna start cutting them up like Russ did, they are getting to him a lot

Weirdly enough, Howell actually looked pretty good last week against a good Eagles D. 

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1 minute ago, chw42 said:

Weirdly enough, Howell actually looked pretty good last week against a good Eagles D. 

Feels like Washington expected all of the bad from the first three games and none of the good from last game.


give Fields credit though, he is throwing the ball in windows and mostly on time, and has been pretty accurate.  Moore is just incredible to watch though, it’s like he is allowed to bounce off tackles twice before he might then go to the ground 

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