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2023-24 NFL Season Thread

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2 hours ago, Tony said:

I don’t think that’s the case at all. Now, if they bring in a new QB, should it be with a new HC and OC? Absolutely, but that’s not how the Bears have operated, basically ever. 

But I don’t think it’s a slam dunk by any means Fields is back. He may be, but I don’t think this tells us much about the Fields situation. 

It isn’t what I would do but if they are staying with Fields and Flus and trying a new oc…I just ask they don’t make a selection with their top pick and do another trade back to continue to stockpile and build a really good football team with lots of assets. 

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1 hour ago, Chisoxfn said:

It isn’t what I would do but if they are staying with Fields and Flus and trying a new oc…I just ask they don’t make a selection with their top pick and do another trade back to continue to stockpile and build a really good football team with lots of assets. 

They certainly aren’t going to get as lucky as they did this year with nabbing the 1st overall again, but there is at least an argument you can make that if they once again trade out of No. 1 overall this year, the could still end up with a Top 7 pick next year from someone else (or s%*# goes sideways next year and the Bears pick is in the Top 5-7) and they take a QB in that draft. 

I think the trade market will dictate some of this, and while I’m sure Poles has a pretty good idea at this point what direction he wants to go at QB, he still has to find a trade partner. I believe he thinks he’ll get his 2nd rounder back that he traded to Washington by getting rid of Fields, but if only someone like Atlanta is at the table and they are offering a 5th…could make things more complicated 

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I don’t know. I’m warming up to all of them. The turnover they had in their roster two years in a row is a lot. The young players are growing.

Im reminded a bit of Gary Pinkel at Missouri. The first few years were underwhelming despite what people thought should have been a better team behind the dynamic Brad smith. 

Mizzou stuck with him, Pinkel changed the offense and defensive schemes and they had one of their best eras ever. Eberflus was there for that. Pinkels mentor always talked about trusting the process of coaching, and we do see this team staying focused.

The west coast scheme Getsy is running is sound. He may not be best play caller,  but another year of continuity of main players may really pay off.

Im sure that’s why they stuck with whitehair/patrick. Its just really hard to gel five offensive lineman that are brand new or rookies/second year.

Hes probably not a Super Bowl winning coach, but unless you can guarantee me a Tomlin or Payton…I just don’t know.

Underrated switch if they still draft Williams would be to hire Kliff Klingsbury away from OC or USC.

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6 hours ago, Milkman delivers said:

LOL only the Bears would keep the main actors together while trading away the top pick in consecutive years, so I’m sure that’s what will happen. And now I know that Williams and/or Maye will be a generational QB if the Bears miss out on them.

I think the biggest knock of Flus at this point was it was incredibly clear he didn’t have this team ready to play coming out of the pre-season. ESPN 1000 is the flagship radio station of the Bears and multiple hosts took a lot of abuse from meatball Bears fans when they would talk about being at camp every day…and things not looking right. From Claypool, to Fields, to the overall effort…it just wasn’t there. And that’s exactly what we saw in the first 5,6 weeks of the season. 

On the flip side, there is a real chance they end the season going 6-2, and in both L’s they had 4th quarter leads. 

I want the coaching staff to change, but if they end the year going 6-2 in their last 8 games, I’m not going to be outraged if he’s back. 

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33 minutes ago, SoxAce said:

If this is Fields last game at Soldier Field playing against his childhood team... what a way to end it. He's been outstanding.

I'm on the sticking with Fields camp because he has shown improvement and I do believe he will eventually "get it". Bears better not eff it up if they let him go and draft another QB, not only are we setting the clock back on a team that is looking like it will compete sooner rather than later, but it would be classic Bears to let JF walk, watch him become a top 10 QB under competent coaching and draft a complete bust lol

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1 minute ago, fathom said:

If Bears do keep Fields, I assume we see a trade to the Patriots for their pick, additional picks, etc.  Bears should draft MHJ

Outside of Moore and Kmet, everybody on this team has butter fingers. They definitely need to upgrade the WR room, regardless of who's QB next year. 

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11 minutes ago, SoxAce said:

What an incredible trade this turned out to be.

Poles has done a remarkable job in two years. You look at where the roster was on this date in 2021, to where it is now. 

He took it on the chin in Year 1, ate all that dead money, and secured the No. 1 pick. Turned it into an absolute gold mine, and the arrow for this team is objectively pointing way up for the future. He has an incredibly tough choice to make this offseason, a few choices really..but if he hits the right notes, he’s done something really impressive. 

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