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Run it out, Damm it!

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4 minutes ago, FourEyesShottenhoffer said:

It is a bad thing. If we are limited by what is potentially offensive then all a person has to do to limit another person is be offended by them. People are supposed to be limited by ethics and reason not by offended people. All that mindset accomplishes is to enforce adherence to party orthodoxy rather than reason and ethics, which naturally leads to mindlessness, which is quite evident at the current time. Every philosophy worth its salt will tell you a person’s action should adhere to what is right according to principles rather than what they think others find favorable

You make it sound like it's impossible for someone to get a point across with tact and empathy, so they need to resort to debate class tactics or some uber alpha nonsense.

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4 hours ago, waltwilliams said:

It figures that the author of the ultimate old school White Sox "meatball" fan post like this would spell the word "Damn" incorrectly.

Sorry professor, now go grade your students papers.

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6 hours ago, The Grinder said:

How true, we dont want to offend anyone these days

We use to call it being polite. Having good manners. 

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