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6/8 Sox @ Yankees Doubleheader Game 1 3:05PM CT

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It’s not too hard. Regular lineups.


  1. SS Anderson R
  2. LF Benintendi L
  3. CF Robert Jr. R
  4. RF Jimenez R
  5. 3B Moncada S
  6. DH Burger R
  7. 1B Vaughn R
  8. Catcher
  9. 2B Gonzalez


  1. SS Anderson R
  2. CF Robert Jr. R
  3. 3B Burger R
  4. DH Jimenez R
  5. 1B Vaughn R
  6. LF Benintendi L
  7. RF Frazier R
  8. Catcher  
  9. 2B Gonzalez R
  • Zavala (Kopech, Giolito, Cease)
  • Grandal (Lynn & 5th Starter)


  • First Base (Grandal)
  • Second Base, Shortstop (Andrus)
  • Third Base (Burger/Moncada)
  • Corner Outfield (Frazier)
  • Centerfield (Hamilton)
  • Designated Hitter and RF (Sheets
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3 minutes ago, Vote4Pedro said:

ProbleM is you have noone else worth a damn to pitch in the system.

At this point, stretch out Lambert to a few innings when he returns and use Scholtens.  Those two can get you 4-5 innings and give you better performance than this tub of disappointment.

Or sign MadBum 😱

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