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GT 6/9: MIA @ SOX, 7:10 pm CT, NBCSC

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4 minutes ago, chitownsportsfan said:

Given all the soft tissue issues Eloy has dealt with (much easier to prevent than Moncada's lumbar issues) you have to call into question his diet, training and conditioning. A mid 20s athlete should not be straining their lower body every other week.

Eloy is either really stupid or lazy or a combination of both. After all his injuries how can he still be so ignorant and uneducated about the proper strength training, conditioning, flexibility and stretching exercises? 

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2 hours ago, DirtySox said:

I just dropped $300 on the Sox to win the division so I can feel something other than apathy. Let's go!

What odds did you get? BetRivers has them at +850. Tbh, that's not a bad bet. 

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We are throwing our best three starters at them and hopefully the bats can get hot all three games, as well as the bullpen staying strong like it has been. 

Cease absolutely must have one of his stud games tonight.

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57 minutes ago, soxfan49 said:

When Eloy came back, I asked on here "how long until he goes on the IL?" I posted 6/20 as a random date. It looks like that'll be too late

Listed as day to day so don't count your chickens yet. Day to day doesn't USUALLY required going on the IL.

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4 hours ago, MiddleCoastBias said:

He looks so promising, it'll be fun to watch


4 hours ago, Quin said:

I feel like the Sox do better against aces than they do against scrubs, because of course they do.


3 hours ago, Timmy U said:

Eury Perez is the truth. Should be a tough game.


5 hours ago, nrockway said:

Excited to watch Eury Perez finally. Less excited to watch his first CGSO...

Barely 20 years old and pitching quite well but in his 4 starts he hasn't gone longer than 5.0 innings. 10 walks in 24 IP so Sox have to be patient.

Not an ace yet but the potential to be.

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