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Sox Draft 2023

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Draft day is here, let's discuss the Sox picks and how they'll mess it up 😅.

Most Sox-like pick would be:

Nolan Schanuel, 1B/OF, Florida Atlantic.

I hope they pick:

Jacob Wilson, SS, Grand Canyon 

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Shirley actually inspires some hope for me.  Seems like he’s done a pretty good job of bringing in legit talent in his three years on the job, although it can be challenging at times to fully verify that given a GM who will rush certain high-end prospects (see Crochet) and a still very poor Player Development staff.

The big thing for me is Shirley is willing to swing for the fences.  Crochet almost immediately flashed his insane potential and it’s interesting to think what could have been if they actually tried developing him into a starter.  Montgomery is the best prospect we have drafted in ages and has legit Corey Seager upside.  Schultz is super intriguing with his height, stuff, & arm slot.  

And that’s just the first round picks.  Done are the days of taking safe college players in the 2nd round (occasionally over-slot).  Shirley has taken two prep players and an injured, but high-ceiling arm in his three drafts.  The returns on those first two guys admittedly haven’t been great so far, but with HS kids you can at least dream on them a bit longer than your Steele Walker types.  Beyond that, he’s done some really good work in the mid / later rounds as well.

I don’t have strong feelings on this year’s draft, but just want to see Shirley continue doing what he’s been doing.  Scout the talent, identify & select those with high ceilings, and hope one day the Sox can actually develop raw talent into valuable major league players.  At the end of the day, I’d rather have one Colson Montgomery than three Gavin Sheets types.

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So here's what I think happens: They want a pitcher at 1-15.  If neither Meyer or Dollander are there they will take a HS bat who has fallen. Likely Nimmala or Mitchel.  If they're also gone they will take an underslot college bat. Morales, Davis, Troy etc. I think the 2nd scenario is the most likely.  

This can all change in the next 10 minutes.  

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22 minutes ago, knightni said:

Jacob Gonzalez SS Ole Miss

Color me shocked, shocked they didn't draft another 1B/DH type. LOL.

And the fact they have Montgomery and now this kid listed as shortstops should put Anderson on notice his days in Chicago are numbered. 

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7 minutes ago, mmmmmbeeer said:

I don’t hate it. LHB with patience and pop, can slide into 2B. College hitter relying less on Sox developmental insufficiencies. 

Until you see his swing/stance and realize we're absolutely going to try to tinker with it. Let's see what happens!

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Can't have enough injured pitching in your rotation. Thinking Jerry wants to pocket the money with Grant returning to LSU, because that is how Jerry rolls.



Despite missing the entire 2023 season due to injury, LSU right-handed pitcher Grant Taylor was selected by the Chicago White Sox with the 51st pick in the second round of the MLB draft on Sunday night.

The sophomore underwent Tommy John surgery prior to the season after undergoing a torn ACL. Prior to his injury, he likely would have been a part of LSU’s starting pitching rotation. 

It remains to be seen whether Taylor, who is still recovering from injury, will sign with the White Sox or return to Baton Rouge for what would be his redshirt sophomore season.



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