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7/9: Cards @ Sox: Matz vs. Giolito, 1:10 CT

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37 minutes ago, The Kids Can Play said:

I do agree with you there, I would much rather have Hamilton or Haseley in left if Benintendi can't play LF and play Remi at 2nd. 

Of course this is 100 percent all Hahn's fault since he put this horrible roster together. 

Billy Hamilton is hitting .147 at Charlotte 

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4 minutes ago, elrockinMT said:

Billy Hamilton is hitting .147 at Charlotte 

Having legitimate CF coverage for 35 + opponent at bats > the difference between possibly scratching out an additional hit across 2 1/2 games (10 plate appearances bottom of order).

Not to mention late game / extra inning stolen bases so you can score in the 10th inning which the Sox weren't able to do against Toronto Thursday and several other games earlier this year.

Since they are not trying to win ballgames, Haseley is cromulent as well since he can play better CF than anyone else on the roster beyond Roberts the past two seasons (since Billy was here in 2021).

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The absolute embarrassment of a roster constructed by the moron Hahn and further embarrassed by the idiotic manager Grifol is truly something to behold this season.

It is so difficult to watch this team have no clue as to how to go about having a professional AB.  

I still cannot figure out why Anderson is not batting lead off with Benintendi out.  He is worse #2 hitter then lead off and he currently shouldn't be doing either.

The stupidity of this organization really is something to behold.


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1 minute ago, The Mighty Mite said:

He’s all of a sudden swinging out of his shoes.

White Sox coaching has finally began to work with him.  They probably didn't waste their time the last 7 years has he didn't fit the poor strike zone coverage hitter the major league roster covets. 

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1 hour ago, South Side Hit Men said:

They are really doing a disservice to Robert by not giving him any rest this season.

He has played in all but three games this season and started all but one game since Memorial Day. During his one day of rest he was forced to come in in the 7th during his lone day off after Frazier was exposed with multiple plays trying to cover CF (June 20). Played a 20 inning doubleheader Thursday, hasn't been pulled even late to rest a few innings since before Memorial Day.

This evening, he has to jump on a plane after the game, fly commercial to Seattle into the early Monday hours, do the HR bullshit on Monday, play the exhibition game Tuesday, fly commercial from Seattle to Atlanta Wednesday to have a one day ASB Thursday before beginning the second half grind.

He's approaching 10 games more of the second most games played across all levels (2019 122 across three levels before Hahn threatened him with no callup unless he signed Hahn's screw you deal), Got screwed out of 63% of his first year pay with Jerry's 102 game 2020 lockout. He is liable to breakdown playing this number of games from here on out. It's truly disgraceful.


  • Games Off: 4/9 at Pittsburgh, 5/24 at Cleveland, 5/27 at Detroit!
  • Innings Off since Memorial Day: Six1st-6th June 20, before being inserted because no other CFers on the roster.
  • Extra Innings Played since Memorial Day: Nine across six games.

Eh. He's about the only player Sox fans can look forward to watching. I say let him play for the fans.

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Posted (edited)

Only pitch he can get over now is the slider.....maybe he's done trying as well 

Change and fastball out of the zone that were swung at, the high change for the 2-1 lead....I'm cutting the grass this is a waste of time as usual.

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