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Breakdown of Fight


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1 hour ago, The Grinder said:

Will this go down as the biggest punch on a Sox player since AJ got punched?  Or maybe Ventura by Ryan?

Barrett's sucker punch didn't even phase AJ.  And Barrett thought he was a big martial arts expert LOL!  Then Carlos Zambrano kicked his ass in the Cubs clubhouse.

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2 hours ago, 2Deep said:

This is fricking hilarious 

I thought I would share.......


So the video confirms that Anderson threw the first punch.  Also, he's lucky Ramirez didn't hit him with his knuckles like a proper punch.  It was more of a closed hand slap, but Timmy still went down.  I guess he can't take a punch either.

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2 hours ago, JTB said:

Remillard and his glove.  Awesome!  😂

and the mutual understanding from the Cleveland player like, "yeah - that's smart."

Surely a veteran move honed through years of bullshit in the minors.

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Did anyone also catch Naylor running up to do something to Tim and then backing away when Tim hit the deck.........LOL

Either Naylor Chickened out because he saw the rest of the WS team or he saw Tim may have already gotten hit pretty good.

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