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8/15/23 - White Sox over Cubs 5-3, you can put it on the board, YES!!!

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Almost forgot Stone's usual blather about the run they scored in the 9th off Alzolay being due to using a closer in a non-save situation because the adrenalin doesn't kick in in a one run game with the playoffs on the line.  Say this drivel before it happens, Steve, instead of waiting until after and you might have a little more believability.  You're getting tiresome.

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20 hours ago, Lip Man 1 said:

Cubs fans, even kids, are all "class": 

"A young fan wearing a Cubs jersey in the first rows behind the on-deck circle showed Robert a finger and not his pinky. Robert took his index finger to his lips as if to silence him."

DVS with the postgame story in the Sun-Times:


A cubs fan and his son walk into a bathroom following a man in a sox hat and his son. The Sox dad and his son do their business and as they are walking out the cubs dad says "what, they don't teach hand washing over on the south side"?

Without missing a beat the Sox dad responds "no, we teach our sons not to piss all over their hands when using the bathroom".

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