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7:40 PM CDT Chicago White Sox @ Colorado Rockies TV: NBCSCH Radio: WMVP AM 1000

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11 minutes ago, oldsox said:

I'll never forget one report on Kopech that appeared on Soxtalk. Probably a year or so after we got him, he was jacking around at the park, running up to the screen behind home plate and throwing as hard as he could so that the juggs gun could time him at 110 mph.  Just asking for TJS.  And laughing.  What an immature fucking dope.

That was a drill the whole team was doing including the coaches.

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I was excited to catch this game because we had an off night for the family. Got tied up helping my in-laws but saw the lead off HR. At least that caused me to miss the wheels falling off.

Kopech needs to throw another inning, at least experience more pitching. Then go to relief.  I guess we still have, according to ESPN, a 0.4% chance to win.

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