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Fire Chris Getz

South Side Hit Men

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15 hours ago, Look at Ray Ray Run said:

Yeah, very unsure as to what herb makes one qualified for these roles. Getz worked his way up through the system same as others. You can argue with his results and etc and think he's not deserving, but not sure how a lawyer with no baseball knowledge or background beyond contracts is more deserving or qualified than a former big leaguer who worked in the scouting space. 

The WORST thing about chris Getz, ironically enough, is he's tied to Rick Hahn. 

I think what he means is that Hahn had some experience working with the FO and hadn't been a failure yet. Chris Getz has failed in his role for player development. 

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Jay is not wrong.




 “Listen, Omar, ultra-talented player, very good instructor, created a good environment for our players," Getz said. "We just felt with where things are at, our player development system, that it was time to go separate ways. But not only for himself, but for the organization as well and we wish Omar well. He was a positive influence while he was here.”

     A positive influence! Right then and there, Getz should have left the team. This month, he was one of several candidates for the Northwestern position that went to Ben Greenspan. Imagine if Getz, after his Vizquel screwup, got the NU job after Jim Foster was let go for hazing after football coach Pat Fitzgerald was let go for hazing. He stuck around the South Side and might think he’s ready for the GM job left by Hahn, who finally was fired with Williams in what some think is a terrestrial development. Some might think this is Reinsdorf’s way of returning to Planet Earth.

     No, it’s his long-ass, much-too-late reminder that he’s six months from his 88th birthday and should be running only the American Geriatric Society threshold. If he gives the job to Getz, Reinsdorf not only isn’t with the rest of us on this planet and should be put in a straitjacket.



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On 8/24/2023 at 7:19 AM, Timmy U said:

Are going to have to replace the “Fire Rick Hahn” thread with one titled “Die, Jerry, Die”?  Seems like that’s the only way this team improves. Worked for the Orioles.

Worked for the Orioles? Are we sure about that yet?

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This page needs to stay on Page 1 throughout his tenure.  I said last week that the Sox' record at the conclusion of the Oakland series would be the high water mark in his career as GM (3-3 .500). I believe the Sox will finish below .500 under his tenure, and if Jerry lives into the 2030s, he very well could challenge Rick Hahn for the worst GM record in White Sox history.

This guy is less qualified than Rick Hahn, let alone Kenny Williams. Season ticket holders need to unite, contact their ticket rep, and tell them they are not sending in a penny until the FO situation is settled, and if Chris Getz or another internal crony is selected they are burning their season ticket invoice and using their money on something that is actually entertaining, not the s%*# Getz and the Sox will role out year after year after year.

f*** you Jerry you piece of s%*#. From Jerry's pathetic pay cable channel:



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Things I will look for to see if Getz is actually trying to succeed at building a good baseball team or just being Jerry's Best New Friend:

Overhauling all pitching coaches and getting a pitching coordinator that's interesting. College ranks, good org, whatever. Not from the white sox. 

Firing Marco Paddy. He's a great scout that clearly wants to just hang out with his old pals that have kids

Not replacing him with someone who will siphon off money to build a nightclub

Firing All "Assistants to the GM" except Thome, who is very nice.

Hiring a farm director/head of player dev from outside org

That's my gauntlet. I don't give a damn about Grifol right now. Don't even really care about Katz. The future of this org is in the gangly limbs of Colson and Schulz.

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