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9/5 Games


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  • Quin changed the title to 9/5 Games

If I had a nickel for every top 10 catching prospect with the last name Quero who is in the Barons game, I'd have two nickels...which isn't a lot, but it is weird that they're both there.

Thompson had another great start. Very similar to last time out, there was one longer inning early where he pitched himself into and then out of a jam.

Final line was 6IP, 1ER, 3H, 3BB, 8K.

Unfortunately, the Barons have hit into about a million double plays and the normally reliable Haylen Green had exactly nothing in his arsenal today, so he's in line for the loss.

Montgomery just hit one out though, so that's fun at least.

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1 hour ago, Boopa1219 said:

What’s their for pitchers to learn at Charlotte?

The team has to think about leaving that affiliate, surely?

If anything, Charlotte would be looking for an affiliation agreement with another MLB team that's going to provide them much better talent/winning or post-season quality teams.

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2 hours ago, caulfield12 said:

Feb 2021 when they re-signed for another decade seems twenty Sox lifetimes ago.

But does back all the way to 1999.

They've had a long partnership and their three NC facilities are considered to be some of the best, so while Charlotte obviously isn't ideal for pitchers, I don't know that they'd look to leave because of that.

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7 minutes ago, bmags said:

The pitchers perform badly at charlotte because they are garbage. Many of our pitchers that are bad in the big leagues but were good prospects did just fine in Charlotte.

Yep.  We have had absolutely trash pitchers going through there for a while now.  It isn't the stadium.

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