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Tim Anderson's Option Declined


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Just now, MiddleCoastBias said:

I just don't understand why we didn't pick it up and trade him? Or trade him last year? We get $0 of value from this we end up in the same place.

Just, why. What are we doing.

Hahn did try. He was basically a Marlin until KW said "no" and traded Burger instead.

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5 minutes ago, SoxAce said:

Getting rid of all the distractions in the locker room. So far so good Getz.

If he can dump Moncada and has to pay half of that salary for next year + half buyout, I don’t care what we get back. Just do it.

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11 minutes ago, Soxfest said:

Jerry you better spend some money because this looks like a 100% rebuild

No free agent in their right mind would want to be a part of this steaming pile of s%*# of a franchise. The only players the White Sox are going to be able to sign are players who are only care about money or players who can’t get a job anywhere else. 

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What a fall from grace. McG and our Chuck are going to be mad, but it’s seemed pretty apparent TA has been one of the problems the last couple of seasons. I hope he gets his head on straight and gets good again, but he is an awful Major League Baseball player now.

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Was being paid on potential and not worth the money to hand out $14M and cross their fingers hoping he remembers how to hit a baseball.  My guess is Andrus until the new kid is ready.  Can't blame the team and good luck to Tim on a reset for his on and off-field life.

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Just now, Quin said:

I fully expect TA to be an All-Star now with another team this year because that's how our fortunes work.

He'll certainly be one off the field. He's got quite an all star team he's assembling himself.

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