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5/25 Sox vs. Orioles, 1:10 pm

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13 minutes ago, sin city sox fan said:

When your manager won't even let you stay in to face an .088 hitter, you know he has no faith in you.

On the contrary why would you bring in a new pitcher to face a 088 hitter? Might as well bringing in your 4th OF'er to face him

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8 minutes ago, cuban_sammiches said:

Lots of Os fans at the ballpark today.

Are they as obnoxious as Yankees fans? I had to leave a game early last year because they were so annoying....and that was when they were in last place.

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3 minutes ago, cuban_sammiches said:

I think the Sox just broke Schriffen. Welcome aboard John!

6 weeks ago he "loved this team." What a clown. Another dipshit in an organization full of 'em

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