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From the 2nd row in Seattle: observations and s%*#

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I find this unprofessional but maybe they expect It. I would focus on field then invite Tony for dry martinis. 

The guy is making Sox history. 

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15 minutes ago, cuban_sammiches said:

Great report. How was the grub?

My advice is to get the 6 dollar dog on Occidental outside the stadium. It's better quality and cheaper. That's what I did. Went to the guy that had the "20 condiments" sign. In general Safeco (or T-Mobile) I guess has solid options but there is no way I'm paying those prices if I'm also drinking. Bad enough dropping 50 bucks on 3 beers.

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13 hours ago, BBaum21 said:

Not surprised in the least to hear that Lopez and Grifol were chatting it up together and sitting side by side a lot.

They obviously spent a time together with Royals. I covered Nick while he was at Naperville Central (2011-13) and spoke to him about Grifol shortly after the hiring, to try and get a little sense of what the team was getting. 

As the entire fan base now knows, it hasn’t been really good.

I know the Royals are doing better this year under Quatraro, but it continues to baffle me that JR, Hahn and Getz are so enthralled with that organization.


Maybe Nicky wants to be a manager or coach someday. He's one of those players who is a dime a dozen and not really valuable. So study the game and manage someday?

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